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Reggae Pops

Krystal | Blog | No Comments
So often in life we look at people like Steve Jobs or Kobe Bryant for inspiration, and respectfully so, but there is something enlightening about finding inspiration in someone, who...

LakerGang Adventures with Shorty – Vol 1

Krystal | Blog | No Comments
Shorty and I always fangirl over the Lakers. We’ve gone through some drastic measures to get pictures, signatures, and conversations with the boys. For sake of documentation, I’ll call this...


Krystal | Blog | No Comments
Current listen: To be completely honest, I’ve been dreading writing a recap over my trip, but it’s something I know has to be done. If it’s anything I’ve learned about...


Krystal | Blog | No Comments
Life is really fragile. In a blink of an eye, we watch people, and ourselves, transition from one phase to another. Sometimes the transition is death, and it’s such a...

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